Palladium offers services specializing in complex systems based product development. Probably we haven't worked in your company's specific area, but we have designed similar products and we have certainly experienced your problems and developed coherent design solutions.

Clients and products include manufacturers of:

. Medical and laboratory equipment: mass spectrometers, chest pain heart arrhythmia diagnostics system, breath analysis device, automated sample handling, fume hoods.

. Portable electronics equipment: handheld VOC detectors, gas chromatographs, telecommunication test, barcode reader + base station, telecommunications line tester.

. Scientific instrumentation: narcotics and explosives detection equipment, PEM electrochemical MEMS detectors.

. Computing and commercial electronics equipment: network box, 'set-top' video on demand box, video arcade games.

. Industrial machinery: fluid pumping system pressurization tank, pump motor bodies and adaptor bracket familty, research device commercialization.