Palladium offers project management scaled to the project's requirement. A well-managed project will be a successful project. Palladium's project management methodology includes:

.Scope definition
.Budget and schedule
.Work breakdown structures
.Project management plan
.Earned value analysis

Scope Definition
The project managers' tasks include:

. Understand the product and/or process
. Understand the requirements/ expectations
. Determine the budget/schedule expectations
. Determine the project inputs and deliverables
. Determine manpower requirements
. Determine the breakdown of design and engineering disciplines
. Identify and acquire all necessary information to start the project

Budget and Schedule
The project manager will determine a realistic budget and schedule for the job:

. Develop a work breakdown structure of managed tasks
. Consult with engineers assigned to your project for input on work effort
. Assign hours, manpower and budget for the managed tasks
. Determine if the project will be time and materials, fixed fee or design-build
. Estimate a schedule of how the project will proceed.

PM Plan
A PMP Project Management Plan may include:

. Scope of work and how to address changes in scope
. List of the design team, authorities and responsibilities
. Quality, technical and approval requirements
. Design reviews
. Deliverables
. Project reporting/accounting