Palladium can provide prototyping and product testing services.

The predicted and expected performance of any product should be tested and verified at the proof of concept stage, pre-production stage and any step during the product development cycle necessary regardless of the experience, skill, and quality of the design and prototyping teams involved in its creation.

Furthermore, industrial equipment and industrial products are often exposed to less than ideal environmental conditions. Therefore, testing the expected performance under adverse conditions (such as shock, vibration, moisture, electromagnetic fields, power fluctuations, and the like) is highly advisable and often demanded by regulatory bodies like CSA, UL, TC, FAA and others.

Such tests require clear specification benchmarks, as well as test procedures and specific test equipment. While common tests (i.e temperature test, power range, etc) can be performed with off-the-shelf equipment like thermometers, multimeters, power meters, and oscilloscopes, others might only be performed with the help of custom test jigs that simulate the adverse conditions the product might experience in the field.

Palladium has the expertise to:

  • perform common tests
  • define relevant specification benchmarks
  • develop meaningful test procedures
  • address special testing requirements
  • produce custom test jigs
  • perform complete product tests.

Should there be an additional requirement for an independent accredited test laboratory to perform tests, these will have a high likelihood of passing in the first try, reducing or eliminating delays and costly retesting fees.